Home video telemetry Masterclass (Lausanne)

Video-EEG monitoring at home

5th September 2019


This Home Video EEG Telemetry (HVT) Masterclass aims to provide interactive sessions and practical demonstrations to those wishing to start or develop a HVT service. Topics to be covered include:

  • Practicalities in setting up a HVT service
  • Best Practice (supervised vs non-supervised recordings)
  • Technological advances such as cloud based monitoring of seizures
  • Future innovations such as non-collodion electrode application method and Artificial Intelligence in the diagnosis of seizures

This masterclass is targeted to clinicians dealing with the diagnosis of epilepsy, EEG technicians, hospital managers and health technology developers. Experts will be on hand to share their experience in an informal setting. Places are therefore limited to 30 to enable a board room type hands-on experience.



15:00 - 16:30


Current Best practice of HVT - Presentations and discussion

Chair: Prof Mark Richardson - Dr Sushma Goyal

  • Development of HVT - Dr Franz Brunnhuber  
  • Logistics and challenges of a nationwide reader panel - Dr Jeremy Slater
  • Types of HVT integration - Dr Zaloa Agirre
  • Rules and Regulations of Cloud computing in the NHS - Mr Damian Lewsley      

16.30 - 17.00 Break

17.00 -18.00

Future Development - Presentations and discussion

Chair: Dr Zaloa Agirre  - Stephan Walters

  • EEG and Cloud Computing - Mr  Gardar Thorvardsson
  • King’s Cloud Experience - Dr  Franz Brunnhuber & Mrs Devi Amin
  • Artificial intelligence and seizure classification - Mr Glen Fotland

18.00 - 18.50

Workshop with Panel discussion / practical demonstrations

  • Non collodion application and bandaging - TBA
  • Patient experience - poster of an audit and videos - TBA
  • How to set up HVT - TBA

18:50 - 19.00  Feedback and Close



Organising Team:

  • Dr Franz Brunnhuber (Clinician)
  • Dr Sushma Goyal (Clinician)
  • Dr Zaloa Agirre (Clinician)
  • Mrs Devi Amin (EEG technician)
  • Mrs Lorraine Sparkes (Project management)
  • Prof M Richardson (Clinician and Advisor)




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